Atrium Health Cabarrus nurses throw parade for 84-year-old coronavirus patient leaving ICU

84-year-old COVID-19 patient leaves ICU

CONCORD, N.C. (WBTV) - An 84-year-old Cabarrus County man with underlying health conditions is beating the virus against all odds.

Glenn Clodfelter just left the ICU at Atrium Health Cabarrus on Sunday.

He was brought there from Five Oaks Rehabilitation in Concord more than a week ago.

The Cabarrus County Health Alliance says there are 74 confirmed COVID-19 cases at Five Oaks Rehabilitation Center. Five of those individuals have died, with the average age being 88.

Glenn Clodfelter is suffering from advanced COPD and now COVID-19, but his amazing strides can give anyone fighting this virus a little hope.

His nurses in the ICU turned on some music and threw him a party.

They shared video with WBTV of his parade out of the ICU.

They let him Facetime with family and cheered as they pushed him down the hallway.

His daughter Tamara Butler says that some days were better than others.

At times, they had to discuss the potential of a ventilator and hospice, but he proved them all wrong. He is now strong enough to be in the non-intensive care section of the hospital.

His daughter says she saw first hand the incredible work these nurses do every day and she wants them to be recognized as the heroes they are.

“They treat these patients like their family and they see this stuff every day," Butler said. "It’s just awful the things that they see. They try so hard to offer everything they can to make these patients comfortable. You just can’t imagine what these people are going through. They’re just awesome.”

She says the level of communication from the nurses every step of the way made her feel like she was there, even though she could not be due to hospital restrictions.

She says he will continue to be monitored and once he tests negative for COVID-19 twice, he will be released. He will not be returning to the Five Oaks nursing home where this outbreak is occurring and they are looking into other options.

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