New ‘Animal Crossing’ video game strikes a chord as people exercise social distancing

(CNN) - A recently released video game counts celebrities including Brie Larson and Stephen Fry among the many people playing it.

One of the hottest video games of the year so far is “Animal Crossing: New Horizons.”

"'Animal Crossing’ is an opportunity for a person to create a new society on a deserted island and to kind of create a utopian community, starting with your tent and working your way up to building a thriving little village. And it’s incredibly addictive,” said Victor Lucas of the Electric Playground Network.

The game is a life simulator that arrived at the perfect time for many people.

“At this time, I can’t think of a game that - in my whole 26-year history of covering video games - I can’t think of a game that has come out with more opportune timing than ‘Animal Crossing’ during this pandemic,” Lucas said.

“Celebrities are people, and video games are such a compelling means of expression. It’s such an amazing art form," he added. "There’s also a lot of downtime where these famous people need to kind of, you know, mine ideas and get inspiration and video games, and that applies for athletes as well. Video games are a great way to kind of, you know, remove themselves from the exertion of trying to, you know, add something to the world and to find a whole new world to pull that stuff from.”

The new “Animal Crossing” game is available on the Nintendo Switch.

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