McCall Farms increases production, staffing to meet needs of customers during COVID-19

How farmers are handling demand for products

FLORENCE COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) - As people flock to grocery stores across the country, McCall Farms in Florence County has increased production to meet consumer demands.

While many companies have had to lay off employees, McCall has increased staffing in their production and distribution warehouses to speed up the process as products are being purchased quicker than ever.

Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at McCall Farms, Marty Taylor, said McCall Farms has received more calls than ever from their grocery customers, and they are working with them to produce the supplies they need.

“We’ve certainly increased our staff here in our distribution center and we’ve put efforts into our production to increase production during this time, and it certainly has been a challenge, but so far we have been able to meet all of those needs with our customers,” said Taylor.

McCall Farms produces canned vegetables, and while this time of year is not the typical season for those products, their increased staffing has helped them produce these items.

Taylor said McCall Farms is engaging with their farmers to plan production, and while the timing has presented unique challenges, they have been able to make changes to meet their customers’ needs.

“It has certainly been a significant change to what we’d normally be used to this time of year, and they’ve (farmers) certainly had their challenges of meeting that, but for the most part I think everyone has been able to do that and make some adjustments to acreage or the types of crops they are planting,” said Taylor.

McCall distributes its products to 48 states across the country, and Taylor said they will continue to meet the consumer needs.

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