This is Carolina: ‘Faith Over Fear’ cross initiative spreads hope during pandemic

This is Carolina: ‘Faith Over Fear’ cross initiative spreads hope

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) - Next time you’re driving around you may see some wooden crosses in people’s yards.

There’s a story behind them that has to do with more than Easter this Sunday. It’s a new initiative that just started last Thursday.

Amber-Drew Showers started it in Horry and Georgetown counties after she said her Georgia friend told her about it. It’s called Faith Over Fear: Crosses of Hope.

Showers said although it seems like Easter is canceled, Easter is never canceled. She said this is a way to keep signs of faith and hope for people to see that we will get through this. She said the crosses are meant to stay up until the coronavirus pandemic is over.

“I put a message out on Horry County’s (page) and found some people who had lost their jobs, but were carpenters. And I said, ‘Do you guys want to go along and help do this?’ It’s a source of income for those in our community who have lost their jobs. A portion of the money goes to them and then a portion of the money goes to provide meals for our first responders," Showers explained.

Another portion goes to those who want to keep the faith.

“Another portion of the money goes to actually giving crosses away to people in our community who can’t afford one, but want to share the light of Christ and hope. So, the biggest purpose is everybody’s Easter seems like it got canceled, and Easter is never canceled. We wanted people to feel inspired to be able to share light into the world and people don’t have to buy crosses they can make their own. I’ve seen people make some out of things they have around their house. I just think it’s really neat," Showers said.

Besides providing hopeful signs for neighbors’ yards across the Grand Strand, Showers said it’s also a fun way to get the kid’s involved. Even more special, it provides something for kids with special needs to take part it.

“My daughter’s autistic. And they’re doing all the fun bear hunts and stuff, but she kind of doesn’t understand that. But, she loves lights and crosses. So we’re super excited because she gets to go by and see where all these crosses are," Showers said.

Showers said she’s employed cross makers in Surfside Beach, Myrtle Beach and Conway. She’s currently looking for more. She said she’s delivered over a 100 crosses, and 20 were taken to Charleston by a friend on Monday to get the movement started there. The large crosses are $20, and the small crosses are $10. Showers is a former youth minister.

To learn more and be redirected to the group’s Facebook page, click here.

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