'PS I love you, Ms. Burroughs!’: Students line Conway streets for teacher parade

Students line Conway streets for teacher parade

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - ‘PS, I love you, Ms. Burroughs!’ read Halle Fetter’s sign.

Fetter is a second-grade student at Conway Elementary School. Although school is out through April, many students were in attendance to show love for their teachers along the CES teacher parade through surrounding neighborhoods Thursday.

Teachers and their family and friends rode in green and yellow decorated cars, many with ‘I MISS YOU’ written on car windows. Students yelled hellos to their teachers, and the same in return.

Halle sat in the trunk of her parent’s SUV with her two brothers to cheer on the teachers.

“I miss them helping me and stuff," Halle’s brother, Cody, said.

Cody is in kindergarten, while older brother Tyler is in fifth grade.

“What I miss the most is like seeing my friends, even though I can FaceTime them and stuff. It’s just not the same as seeing them and talking to them in person,” Tyler said.

The siblings agreed they’re hoping to get back to school, but have enjoyed time at home.

Ben and Kim Fetter said if there’s one good thing that’s happened since school closed, it’s more family time.

“Everybody’s been eating dinner together at the table,” Kim said. “I get home from work a little bit later, so a lot of times they’ve already eaten by the time I get home. So it’s been nice eating, sitting together as a family,”

Ben agreed. He is a barber in Pawleys Island and his employer closed the shop during the coronavirus pandemic.

The teacher parade had a police escort and was greeted by many smiling, happy faces. The teachers sent out the parade route Wednesday night to give everyone time to get ready. It began at 10 Thursday morning.

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