Horry County Schools parents, children dealing with “new normal” at home learning

Parents and Online Learning

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) - With schools now closed until the end of April, children will have to do school work from home a little longer.

Several parents across the Grand Strand said for the most part, at-home learning is fun for their kids, but they’re making sure the children understand the importance of learning.

Those in third grade and above were given the option of digital devices for online learning. One parent said e-learning is running smoothly for her fifth and eighth graders because they used this type of system in their previous out-of-state school district during snow days.

Shauna Smith’s son is in kindergarten, so they’re using learning packets, which she said have options.

“There’s a reading and writing section, a math section, social studies and science and there’s like one, two, three, four, five different things you can choose from so you kind of have some leeway into what you have access to and what’s more fun for you," Smith said.

When it comes to school work, parents said their children work for about an hour to about three hours and when they aren’t working, they’re having family time, with movies and other activities on the list of things to do.

Some parents are still working but others have had hours at work cut back due to the coronavirus.

As everyone continues to adapt to this new normal, routines and schedules have changed and for parents, they’re making sure their children put learning at the top of their priority list.

“Trying to make sure they are not looking at this as a vacation, still trying to make sure that we’re still going to bed at a decent hour. We’re still waking up at a decent hour and dedicating time out of the day for learning," Kyle Sample said.

Parents also said their children’s teachers are great with communicating. Some are even sending them texts while others send emails. Plus, if parents or children have any questions, the teachers are easily accessible.

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