Florence School District One works to provide resources to students during COVID-19 closure

FSD1 ELearning capabilities

FLORENCE, S.C. (WMBF) - With schools shutting down nationwide, educators and administrators are having to adjust their teaching methods to an online curriculum.

Florence School District One has been preparing for a situation like this for the last year since they are one of only 10 E-learning districts in the state of South Carolina.

Teachers and students have been training on Google Classroom for almost 18 months. Google Classroom gives teachers the ability to assign materials and give web-based instruction. All teachers and students have Google Chromebook computers that they can use to access all online materials.

The school system is working with AT&T and Spectrum to get Wi-Fi into the homes of students that do not have internet access, as well as providing buses with Wi-Fi in local neighborhoods.

“We are committed to continually prepare quality teaching and learning lessons and I think that is the focus to prepare each week for this and if we need to extend that timeframe we could continue to communicate with our teachers to prepare those lessons accordingly for our students,” said Kyle Jones, chief technology officer for FSD1.

Along with making technology resources accessible to students, FSD1 is also providing breakfast, lunch, and dinner to all students who need meals. The school system is also providing buses for transportation for students. Nurses are also still available at all schools for any health questions or problems from students.

Southside Middle School Principal Shand Josey said that it is important to relieve stress from students and their parents who might have issues working during the COVID-19 outbreak by assisting them with the resources they need.

“They may be talking to or hearing from parents with what all is going on and not being able to work like normal, so the fact that we are able to take worry off families and parents and not have to worry about where their next meal is coming from is a huge deal for us,” Josey said.

Information on the food pick up locations can be found at F1S.org and all students with technology issues can contact (843)-669-4141.

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