‘They’re always in my heart’: Mother grieves over loss of two sons in Longs shooting

‘They’re always in my heart’: Mother grieves over loss of two sons in Longs shooting

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - A mother in Longs is grieving the loss of not just one son, but two after a weekend shooting took both of their lives.

Arlinda Livingston said there is only one way to describe her two sons.

“They were them. They were Tavon and Shamon,” she said.

Horry County police said Tavon and Shamon Livingston were shot and killed early Saturday morning in the area of Highway 90 and Melissa Lane. It’s a spot that is just a five-minute drive from where Arlinda lives.

“I still haven’t seen my children, and I won’t until Thursday when I have to go view their bodies,” she says.

She said she last saw her sons Friday night before they went out. Then early Saturday morning she got a call in the middle of the night that every parent fears.

“The call was your kids are dead, not actually thinking, both of them were,” Livingston said

By Sunday, police named 20-year-old Tiyen Shabaz Stockdale as a suspect in the case. He now faces two counts of murder and one count of possession of a weapon during a violent crime.

Livingston said she was there for Stockdale’s first bond hearing.

“I’m a fighter, I’m gonna be there, every bond every court hearing. I have a lot of support,” she said.

Livingston said her sons’ friends set up a memorial in her front yard just days ago. She said now she goes out and talks to her boys every morning.

She also said growing up her sons were always close and it comforts her knowing they’re still together.

“Everybody always thought they were twins, they’re not twins, they’re just 11 months and one day apart. One birthday August 6, one August 7. They always in my heart. They right here, they’re with me. And they saying, ‘My momma, she fighting,’" Livingston said.

She said since the shooting, she’s thought about leaving.

“I have one more child left. I can’t stand to lose another child to the system or to these streets out here," Livingston added.

Still, for now, she wants to remember Tavon and Shaymon the way she always has.

“They some clowns. My kids is silly. They were silly. They just clowns and speak their mind,” Livingston said.

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