Horry County School Board monitoring coronavirus, has plans in place in case of outbreak

Horry County School Board has plans in place for a coronavirus outbreak

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) - While there are no confirmed coronavirus cases along the Grand Strand and Pee Dee, officials with Horry County Schools assure the public that they have a plan in case the coronavirus hits the district.

The school board in Horry County has been receiving updates from the South Carolina Department of Health & Environmental Control.

“Right now we’re maintaining operation as normally, but that’s not to say that may not change in the near future,” said Lisa Bourcier, spokesperson for Horry County Schools.

Two cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed in South Carolina. However, students and teachers in Horry County Schools have been following day-to-day schedules as normal.

During the governor’s news conference Monday afternoon, the director of DHEC, Dr. Rick Toomey, addressed concerns of shutting down schools.

“We are in constant contact with the school officials and working with them to make sure they have the latest information, but there is no recommendation at this time to take any actions such as that,” Toomey said.

No after-school activities or sporting events have been canceled or postponed at this time.

After-school cleaning crews are also taking time to scrub down all major touch-points throughout the schools, such as desks, door handles and drinking fountains.

“A lot of plans are already in place; we just have to alter them to fit this specific incident," said Bourcier.

With spring break approaching, the school district cannot control where students and faculty travel, but continue to send out reminders from health organizations.

“We cannot limit parental travel at this point, but can monitor states that have issued a state of emergency and help push out that information,” said Bourcier.

Gov. Henry McMaster reminded the public there is no reason to panic or pull your children out of school at this time.

“There is no cause for public alarm or speculation and schools will remain open,” said Master.

Horry County Schools officials said if someone were to contract the coronavirus the decision to close the school would depend on the direct guidance of DHEC and the S.C. Department of Education.

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