Student Spotlight: Third grader 'Conway’s young wrestling wonder’

Third grader 'Conway’s young wrestling wonder’

CONWAY, S.C. (WMBF) - A five-time national champion wrestler is this week’s Student Spotlight.

He’s a 3rd grader at South Conway Elementary School and a member of the Rivertown Wrestling club. KJ Keith travels nationally to tournaments and practices daily.

“This is my whole team right here, you can’t leave out your team at all, " said Keith as he showed off a photo of his Rivertown wrestling team.

The moment Keith began wrestling was at the age of four.

“One time I saw this video and my dad showed it to me and I was like this looks cool I wanted to try it out, so I started doing wrestling," Keith said.

Fast forward to now and Keith has an array of trophies, medals and awards.

“This one is from Myrtle Beach and I won this ring, I also got first. This one is from Tennessee, it was a crazy tournament and I got second in the top 100. This was for first. I got first at that tournament and I got this trophy and this was in 2016 and it was a state championship," Keith explained as he picked up each accomplishment with a smile on his face.

Keith said wrestling helps him stay focused at school.

He explained, “Once I work hard in wrestling, I’m like I have to work hard at school too if I want to go to the Olympics I have to get good grades and go to college.”

His motto is rise and wrestle. Keith has up to almost 200 wins and only eight losses throughout his four years of wrestling nationally.

“I’ve been all around the world, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Missouri, Michigan, Louisiana, yeah a lot," he added.

Out of all his awards, Keith said his favorite is the key to the city. Conway Mayor Barbara Blain Bellamy awarded a proclamation honoring Keith for making history as a young wrestling wonder. The day in his honor is next month on April 2.

Proclamation honoring Keith as 'Conway's young wrestling wonder"
Proclamation honoring Keith as 'Conway's young wrestling wonder" (Source: WMBF News)

KJ’s family said they would like to thank their sponsors this year including the Maguire Law Firm, Kwik Services Heating & Air, Nye’s Pharmacy, Waccamaw Primary Care, Maryland Fried Chicken (Conway), Dr. Jen Butler, Dr. Dejuania Brown. The family as said they would like to thank all the Facebook friends that continuously donate.

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