Body of missing mother found in Liberty County woods

Body of missing mother found in Liberty County woods
Deputies located a wrecked vehicle but have not found a missing woman. (Source: Coastal News Service)

RICEBORO, Ga. (WTOC) - The body of a missing woman has been found in the woods in Liberty County.

According to the Coastal News Service, 32-year-old Mandi Morehouse’s body was found in the woods just before dark.

According to the Liberty County sheriff, an 8-year-old girl was found wandering in the woods around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday and told deputies her mother was involved in a car wreck.

Authorities discovered the vehicle in a ditch but did not locate the woman. Her body was found later via heat signature technology used from a GSP helicopter.

Mandi Michelle Morehouse.
Mandi Michelle Morehouse. (Source: Coastal News Service)

According to Liberty County Sheriff Steve Sikes, the child was allegedly in the woods for the past two days with her mother.

The mother reportedly drove her vehicle into a ditch on the dirt road portion of Briar Bay Road.

According to the sheriff, the child says she and her mother left the vehicle and began walking in the woods. The little girl said her mother became unresponsive, so she left for help.

The sheriff says the child was found walking on a road by an EMT who was metal detecting. The child had scratches and ticks on her but was OK.

"It started as a missing person call yesterday and there was not really an active search at that point because an adult has to be missing for 48 hours. Since then, the child was discovered and the car that was in the ditch was discovered. Found out there was a missing child also, which was not reported, so when the civilian found the young girl, we put two and two together and found out it was the same missing person that Long County was looking for,” Sheriff Sikes said.

*The Coastal News Service contributed to this report.

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