Suspect Search: Two men wanted in separate harassment cases

Feb. 27 Horry County Suspect Search

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) - Horry County police are trying to track down two men wanted on harassment charges.

Authorities said one man put a price tag on his victim’s life. And another case, a victim came forward hoping her efforts would be the start of a restraining order and the end of non-stop harassment.

Horry County police are looking for Benjamin Lewis Cooper.

Benjamin Lewis Cooper
Benjamin Lewis Cooper (Source: Source:Horry County Police Dept.)

Officers responded to Oak Landing Drive in Conway last weekend regarding a call about malicious damage to a vehicle.

The victim told police that officers had already been out there that morning because Cooper was there ringing the doorbell. Police weren’t able to find him on that earlier call.

The victim said she came out that morning and saw the driver’s side rear tire on her car was cut. The victim admitted she did not see Cooper cut the tire.

The victim said Cooper had been leaving her threatening voicemails. She played four voicemails for officers where they said Cooper can be heard calling the victim lewd names, telling her how much he hates her and even said the victim will have to run for the rest of her life and if she did not give him $10,000 he was going to kill her.

The victim said the harassment has been going on for five months, and the suspect also keeps showing up where she is staying.

Cooper is charged with harassment in the second degree. He’s 43 years old with a last known address of North Pauley Road in Conway.

Horry County police are also searching for Charlie Dustin Jordan.

Charlie Dustin Jordan
Charlie Dustin Jordan (Source: Source:Horry County Police Dept.)

Earlier this month, officers met with the victim when she came to police headquarters to complain about harassment.

She said since then, Jordan continues to harass her with both threatening and then begging text messages. She said she receives threatening voicemails as well.

The victim was out with friends and said Jordan was trying to find her. When he finally did, she said he made a fuss then left and keyed her car in the parking lot. He was arrested and put in jail for that incident.

The victim said she just wants this contact to stop and filed a report as a step toward being able to get a restraining order.

Jordan is charged with harassment in the second degree. He’s 28 years old with a last known address of Bottle Branch Road in Conway.

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