CCU students see Biden’s visit as a sign their votes are important

CCU students prepare for Joe Biden visit

CONWAY, S.C. (WMBF) - With less than 48 hours until the Palmetto State heads to the polls, young voters could provide Democratic hopefuls with traction and a key primary victory.

“One of the largest components of the Democratic voting base besides voters of color here in South Carolina is youth voters," said Drew Kurlawski, Associate Professor of Political Science at Coastal Carolina University.

Anxious to have their voices heard, many say Biden’s college visit Thursday signals the importance of the state’s youth vote.

“My student loans are a big issue,” said Max Curran, a junior at CCU. “I have a lot of loans and I think it would be good to get the cost of tuition or loans or something lower.”

“We’re all about to go into the real world soon and college debt is actually something that’s very serious," added Tyrone Williams, a graduating CCU senior.

Along with student loan issues, many students said they’re looking for a candidate who is relatable.

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