Democratic candidates campaign in Grand Strand, across S.C. before Saturday showdown

Democratic candidates campaign in Grand Strand, across S.C. before Saturday showdown

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) - It was a busy day of campaigning for a number of the Democratic candidates Wednesday, crisscrossing the Palmetto State trying to prove why they’re the best to go up against President Donald Trump.

Former Vice President Joe Biden spent the day in Georgetown and Charleston. While Sen. Bernie Sanders and Tom Steyer were in Myrtle Beach where hundreds came out to their local rallies to show their support before hitting the polls on Saturday.

“I have loved South Carolina just so you guys know, I have loved being here it has captured by heart,” said Steyer.

As the South Carolina primary inches closer, candidates are wasting no time connecting with voters, making sure they’re the ones victorious on Saturday night.

”We’ve come a long way here in South Carolina were 30 points behind, I think we’re closing that gap so we’ve got a shot to win here and we’re feeling good about the course of the election,” said Sanders.

Before making his way to Coastal Carolina University on Thursday, former Biden spenT the day with voters in Georgetown and Charleston.

”South Carolina is the trajectory to winning the Democratic nomination,” said Biden.

After several heated debates, local voters said they enjoyed getting to hear from their respected candidate one-on-one and find out what their stances really are on the issue.

Before Wednesday night’s town hall, Sen. Elizabeth Warren was in North Charleston and Orangeburg, South Carolina with a surprise visit from John Legend.

”I understand this is a moment of tremendous challenge and in three days South Carolina you are going to move us one step closer to getting Donald Trump out of office,” said Warren.

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Finally, Sen. Amy Klobuchar held a rally in Charleston before taking the town hall stage talking about the importance of South Carolina’s infrastructure.

”I have lead a lot of the Senate infrastructure bills which would be very helpful to South Carolina for things like port infrastructure, roads, bridges and rail,” said Klobuchar.

No matter who you support on Saturday most voters seem to have the same mindset.

”We need a fresh face and someone who can get the job done,” said Maria Holland.

Our South Carolina primary coverage will continue all throughout the week, including Biden‘s visit to Coastal Carolina University on Thursday afternoon.

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