Where’s 10-yr-old Amirah Watson? Police issue warrant for mother’s arrest

Amirah Watson (left) was last seen on Jan. 31, according to RCSD. Her mother, Tynesha Brooks,...
Amirah Watson (left) was last seen on Jan. 31, according to RCSD. Her mother, Tynesha Brooks, has not returned her to her father.(Richland County Sheriff's Department)
Updated: Feb. 17, 2020 at 11:43 PM EST
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RICHLAND COUNTY, S.C. (WIS) - On January 31st, Mansoor Watson dropped his 10-year-old daughter Amirah Watson off with her mother for a weekend visit. He hasn’t seen his daughter since.

"When it was time for her to bring her back to me on February 2nd, she never showed," Watson said. "I sent out multiple text messages, multiple phone calls, waited an hour, and then I called the Dillon Police Department. I haven't received a text message saying that she's okay."

Watson lives in North Carolina, and Amirah's mother, Tyneisha Brooks, lives in Richland County. They agreed to meet in the middle at South of the Border in Dillon County. Officials in both counties have been working with Watson to try and bring Amirah back home. A warrant is out for Brooks' arrest.

"I'm not thinking about pressing charges or anything," Watson said. "If she's listening. 'I want you to be in Amirah's life. I don't want to keep you from Amirah.'"

Primary custody of Amirah recently shifted from Brooks to Watson. He says this meet up was the first weekend since those changes have been put into place.

"I don't know if she's receiving her medications, I don't know if she's safe," Watson said. "I don't know where my daughter's laying her head."

Richland County Sheriff's Department officials tell me they're still requesting tips from the community, and are actively following any leads. Something Amirah's sister Ja'Niya is hoping will result in a happy ending.

“I just really miss you,” Ja’Niya said, hoping Amirah would see this story. “If we find you, well, when we find you, I’m going to run up to you and give you hugs.”

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