Neighbors shocked, terrified day after 6-year-old girl disappears

Six-year-old Faye Marie Swetlik, from Cayce, South Carolina, was last seen in her yard around...
Six-year-old Faye Marie Swetlik, from Cayce, South Carolina, was last seen in her yard around 3:45 p.m. Monday.(Cayce DPS)
Updated: Feb. 11, 2020 at 7:59 PM EST
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CAYCE, S.C. (WIS) - State and federal law enforcement agencies have gotten involved in the search for a missing 6-year-old girl from South Carolina.

During an update Tuesday evening, investigators said they have not found any evidence of an abduction.

As investigators continue their search through Faye Swetlik’s neighborhood, neighbors said it’s been a terrifying and sad 24 hours for them, especially for those with little ones of their own.

One neighbor, Tammy Wesley, said her son rides the bus every day with Faye. She said she saw Faye get off the bus Monday around 2:50 p.m. and walk about 30 yards to her front door with her mom.

It was one of the last times she was seen. Authorities said she disappeared about an hour later.

“It’s just a scary thought that this could be any one of our kids,” Wesley said.

Wesley said Churchill Heights is a tight-knit community and that it’s always been a safe place. She said her son, who is in third grade, is one of three kids that gets picked up and dropped off at this bus stop with Faye every day.

“We are here for her mother, her grandmother,” Wesley said. “We don’t want this to happen to any of our kids in this neighborhood, they are our babies. All of them and we protect each other and look out for each other.”

The mother said it was difficult explaining to her son what was happening, and why he wouldn’t see Faye on the bus Tuesday morning. She said it’s terrifying as a mother to think that it could have been anyone’s child.

“It was terrible because I grew up in this neighborhood,” Wesley said. “I went to Springdale. I got on a bus in this neighborhood. My kids grew up in this neighborhood, my nieces and nephews. It was a terrible feeling to think that it could have been one of our kids.”

Wesley said she went to pick up her other kids from middle school around 3:25 p.m. Monday. At that time she didn’t see anything suspicious in the neighborhood.

She said she also doesn’t remember seeing Faye outside when she drove by.

Investigators are still going house-to-house. For parents like Wesley, she said the last 24 hours has changed her perspective on her son being able to ride his bike down the street or walk to the bus alone.

“My son has gone up and down this street on his bike, walked this neighborhood, and never a thought in my head that this could happen,” she said. “I would let my kids out in this neighborhood. Churchill Heights has had little crime if any, everyone is tight-knit, you know who belongs and who doesn’t, so it’s just very shocking.”

She said he’s not allowed to walk to the bus stop here alone anymore or play outside without a parent.

Authorities are asking if you see Faye or have any tips to call 1-803-205-4444.

Search continues for 6-year-old Faye Swetlik (no sound) >>>

Posted by WIS TV on Tuesday, February 11, 2020

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