Student Spotlight: Teacher nominates eighth-grade 'All-American student athlete’

Teacher nominates eighth-grade 'All-American student athlete’

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - An eighth-grade student at St. James Middle School is considered a Student Spotlight after he was nominated by his teacher for his athletic abilities and high honors.

Baylor Tibbits is known as an All-American student athlete who loves playing sports.

“I just want to play and win. I feel like it’s what I do,” Tibbits said.

It sounds simple for Tibbits, because he said he’s been around sports his whole life. His father is the head varsity coach at St. James High School, while his mother was on a World Series-winning high school softball team. His two siblings also play sports.

In addition to his athletic endeavors, Tibbits stays busy in school, taking geometry, English One and honors social studies and honors science.

"It’s pretty fun,” he said. “I just get my school work done at home and study hall here at school. I get it done easy. I just focus on school work first and then I go to sports, so it can be hard sometimes with honor and accelerated classes, but I think I do pretty well.”

As far as a future career for Tibbits, he said he would like to get into sports if he could, but if not he would like to pursue engineering or become a chiropractor.

His favorite thing about being a student at SJMS is the fun activities.

"The teachers are really nice too and push us to help us get places and if we need help they will help us. Everything is nice here,” Tibbits said.

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