Horry County neighborhood upset over 'rapid fire’ gunshots fired towards homes

Kat 'rapid fire shooting' near Socastee neighborhood

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - It’s a sound homeowner Christine Griffith says she hears all too often. Gunshots.

Griffith says the issue started right when they moved to Harmony at St. James near Socastee last October.

She says on the day her family moved in she heard rapid gunfire, was concerned about safety and called police.

“My father walked into the house and said ‘your house is being hit’ and then he walks out and he’s hit by the pellets and he’s bleeding. And as soon as I walked out, it hit me and I was in full panic,” Griffith says.

She says since then the problem hasn’t let up at the community off Salem Road.

“Our house has been hit, we have two bullet holes in our roof, and my next door neighbor still currently has a bullet hole in his siding," Griffith says.

She says the owner of the property that backs up to her neighborhood continues to shoot toward homes even though they’ve been asked to shoot in a different direction.

Griffith says her kids are afraid to go outside.

Horry County Councilmen Gary Loftus says the county is aware of the issue. Loftus says he’s not against guns but says they should not shoot toward the neighborhood. But he says because of the way the county law is, his hands are tied.

“And we have tried to put some reasonable, reasonableness into our gun ordinances, without limiting anyone’s second amendment rights, but so far we’ve not had any luck with some members of council quite honestly," Loftus says.

Loftus also says, he understands Griffith’s concerns.

“'Well I have my rights!' Come on guy- yes you have your rights but we welcome you to use your rights but your rights stop where other people’s begin.”

Griffith says she is not convinced and says she thinks the county needs to take action.

“There has to be a change with being so close to school systems and so close to a major highway and now to a development. It’s not my fault that D.R Horton put a development here. If I would have known that I would have never purchased the home.”

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