Horry County first responders, power crews on alert as heavy rain, strong winds hit area

Horry County first responders on alert as heavy rain, strong winds hit area

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) – Emergency and energy crews across Horry County were put on standby as a severe weather system pushed through the area.

Throughout the night, Horry County’s Emergency Management team monitored the storm as heavy rain and strong winds hit.

Horry County Fire Rescue spokesperson Tony Casey said crews have to be prepared because the severity of the weather can vary in different parts of the county.

“You may not see the same weather at the beach that you’d see in Aynor, but we just want people to be prepared,” Casey said.

From clearing debris to keeping an eye on flooded roads, first responders and Horry County Emergency Management team are monitoring more than just the skies.

Around 9:30 p.m., Horry County residents started to see rain, wind gusts and lighting hit the area, which is a perfect combination for power outages.

Santee Cooper reported a major outage around 11 p.m. Thursday near Conway in an area between Highway 905 and Main Street. More than 920 customers lost power. Crews were investigating the cause and estimated that power would be turned back on around 2:15 a.m. Friday.

Horry County Electric Cooperative reported around 280 customers in the northern part of Horry County near Green Sea lost power.

Manager of Engineering for Horry County Electric, Reed Cooper, said his crew can get to almost any outage in the entire county within 45 minutes to start restoring power, even in the rain.

“Does it slow things down? Yes. Is it dangerous? Absolutely. But it’s nothing they can’t handle and aren’t willing to do, no,” Cooper said.

While the storm system didn’t bring as much damage to the Grand Strand as it did in the eastern part of the state, officials said having a severe weather safety plan in place could save you and your family.

“It all depends on where you live, hat kind of housing you have, there’s a lot of factors that go into how you prepare. I again would encourage anyone to make a plan that’s personal to them,” said Horry County spokesperson Kelly Moore.

As the rain clears overnight into Friday, residents are still asked to be on alert because with more moisture on the ground, trees could still crash down as the wind sticks around.

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