Greenwood firefighters save owner’s dog who fell in rock quarry

Greenwood firefighters save owner’s dog who fell in rock quarry
Greenwood firefighters save owner's dog who fell in rock quarry (Source: Greenwood City Fire Department)

GREENWOOD COUNTY, S.C. (WIS) - Greenwood firefighters saved an owner’s dog who fell into a rock quarry.

According to the Greenwood City Fire Department’s Facebook page, at about 2 p.m. Saturday, the Greenwood City Fire Rescue was requested to help assist the Greenwood County Fire Rescue with a high angle rescue.

Officials said once crews got to the scene, law enforcement from the Department of Natural Resources helped them spot the dog, who had fallen into a rock quarry.

Firefighters from both the city and county worked together to use specialized ropes and equipment to lower Lt. Chris James down about 60 feet to a rock ledge where the dog was, officials said.

According to officials, once James secured the dog, they were both lowered an additional 150 feet to a larger rock ledge.

Officials said the Ware Shoals Fire Rescue then used a newly purchased Ladder 45, a 107-foot ladder, to get James and the dog back to the ground safely.

The post said DNR was able to reunite the dog with its owner, who afterwards took the dog to a vet for further evaluation.

The post said the rescue highlights the value of the partnerships that are maintained by the City of Greenwood and Greenwood County as well as surrounding communities such as Ware Shoals: “This rescue was the result of great teamwork by all organizations involved. We wish the pup a speedy recovery!”

The agencies involved with helping save the dog were the Greenwood County Emergency Services, Ware Shoals Fire-Rescue, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Greenwood and the South Carolina Official City Government.

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