Student Spotlight: Eighth-grader makes art out of recyclables

Student Spotlight: Eighth-grader makes art out of recyclables

HORRY COUNTY, S.C, (WMBF) - This week’s Student Spotlight is an innovative eighth-grader who has a passion for art.

Drew Bellah, 13, was nominated by his art teacher at St. James Middle School for making art sculptures out of recycled items and for being an outstanding student.

Bellah said he has a keen eye to use household items and colored duct tape to create a piece of art.

“I think it’s two-third scaled. He’s an astromech droid from Star Wars," Bellah said. “I based him off an action figure I made at Disney World."

Bellah said it took him more than a year to make the droid art project, and he’s proud of himself.

In addition to making innovative art work, Bellah said his favorite part of school is the nice teachers and staff, the theatre program, and the year-long art program.

When he grows up, Bellah said he wants to be a film director.

I started watching behind-the-scenes videos and I want to do that - like direct a Star Wars movie or work for Disney,” Bellah explained.

Bellah’s art teacher also said his positivity and kindness is contagious.

“If someone bullies you, just don’t bully others because that would make them feel bad just like you felt bad, and that would create a whole circle. So try not to make others feel bad,” the eighth-grader said.

Bellah is also performing this spring in Beauty and the Beast playing LeFou, Gaston’s side-kick.

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