‘Above and beyond’: Several Grand Strand, Pee Dee law enforcement officers receive prestigious award

‘Above and beyond’: Several Grand Strand, Pee Dee law enforcement officers receive prestigious award

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WMBF) – Law enforcement officers from the Grand Strand and Pee Dee were recognized for going above and beyond the call of duty.

During a ceremony Thursday night, 24 law enforcement officers from across South Carolina were awarded the Medal of Valor, one of the most prestigious awards in law enforcement.

The South Carolina Sheriffs’ Association presented the award to 18 deputy sheriffs, five police officers and one State Law Enforcement Division agent.

“A lot of officers do a lot of great things, but for these 24 to be honored tonight for what they’ve done really is just above and beyond,” said Jarrod Bruder, the executive director of the South Carolina Sheriffs’ Association.

Bravery, decisiveness and going beyond the call of duty are just a few of the qualities used to describe the law enforcement officers honored on Thursday night.

Among those recognized were the sheriff’s deputies and police officers who all went well beyond the call of duty during the Vintage Place shooting in October 2018.

“It was an honor for me to present these medals to these brave individuals,” said Florence County Sheriff Billy Barnes.

The families of Florence police officer Terrence Carraway and Florence County Sheriff’s Office Inv. Farrah Turner, who died in the ambush, were at the ceremony. They were overwhelmed by the honor their loved ones received, and who continue to be remembered each day for their sacrifice.

“It’s an emotional time for all of us, even those out in the audience who were not there,” Barnes said.

Also honored was Horry County sheriff’s deputy Jack Lee.

“He just a real dedicated, conscientious, hardworking young man,” said Horry County Sheriff Phillip Thompson.

Three deputies with the Marlboro County Sheriff’s Office were also presented the Medal of Valor.

Bruder said the 24 law enforcement heroes honored on Thursday night have set the standard for what it means to serve and protect.

“Even though you have a shift and you’re on and off as a law enforcement officer if you were that badge you really never get away from it. People are always looking at you to set the standard. The 24 we’re recognizing tonight absolutely have,” Bruder said.

Here is a list of law enforcement officers who will receive the Medal of Valor Award:

  • Corporal Kerry Johnson, Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office
  • Corporal William Kimbro, Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office
  • Private First Class Dustin Morris, Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office
  • First Sergeant Chuck Mixon, Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office
  • Deputy Jack Lee, Horry County Sheriff’s Office
  • Investigator Farrah Turner, Florence County Sheriff’s Office
  • Sergeant Terrence Carraway, City of Florence Police Department
  • Investigator Sarah Miller, Florence County Sheriff’s Office
  • Deputy Arie Davis, Florence County Sheriff’s Office
  • Sergeant Scott Williamson, City of Florence Police Department
  • Investigator Ben Price, Florence County Sheriff’s Office
  • Corporal Chase McDaniel, Florence County Sheriff’s Office
  • Sergeant Brian Hart, City of Florence Police Department
  • Lance Corporal Travis Scott, City of Florence Police Department
  • Sergeant Warren McColl, Marlboro County Sheriff’s Office
  • Investigator Antonio Alford, Marlboro County Sheriff’s Office
  • Deputy Victoria Cheek, Marlboro County Sheriff’s Office
  • Chief Chad Cheras, Town of Clio Police Department
  • Captain Chris Duke, Richland County Sheriff’s Department
  • Master Deputy Ryan MacAdams, Sr., Richland County Sheriff’s Department
  • K9 Specialist Richard Hazel, Richland County Sheriff’s Department
  • Chief Toby Horne, Saluda County Sheriff’s Office
  • Lieutenant Donovan Shealy, Saluda County Sheriff’s Office
  • Special Agent Russ Padgett, SC Law Enforcement Division

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