Former MBPD civilian employee sues Little River bar, patron after alleged 2018 assault

Former MBPD civilian employee sues Little River bar, patron after alleged 2018 assault
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HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) – A former civilian employee with the Myrtle Beach Police Department who lost his job after allegedly pulling a gun on another man outside a Little River tavern has sued both the bar and the other customer.

According to the lawsuit filed Wednesday in the Horry County Court of Common Pleas, John Kubilis went to the Star Tavern on March 29, 2018. Also there that night was Wayne Hunter Wallace, who previously had several altercations with Kubilis’ girlfriend and continued to harass her, court documents state.

Wallace, who was named as a defendant in the lawsuit, allegedly had “many altercations” with others at Star Tavern prior to March 29, 2018, but bar staff continued to let him in, the suit states.

Kubilis claims that Wallace hit him in the head, which knocked the plaintiff to the floor “in a semi-conscious state.”

According to the lawsuit, when Kubilis regained consciousness, he displayed his weapon for protection, left Star Tavern, and started to walk home.

The plaintiff said he was stopped on his way home by Horry County police and arrested.

A report from the Horry County Police Department said a Star Tavern bartender called authorities after Kubilis pulled the gun. Officers said they saw him walking in a graveyard at the corner of U.S. 17 and Highway 50.

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Court records state Kubilis pleaded guilty to a charge of unlawful carrying of a pistol in July 2018. A second charge of unlawful consumption of alcohol while carrying a concealed weapon was dropped.

In May, Kubilis filed a lawsuit against the Horry County Police Department for violation of the Freedom of Information Act. Court records show that suit was dismissed last November.

In his lawsuit against Wallace and Star Tavern, Kubilis claims he lost a tooth, suffered a concussion, hurt his leg, suffered bleeding in his ear, injured his eye, and was bruised on various parts of his body following the alleged assault.

“Defendant Star Tavern made false statements to the Horry County Police Department in attempts to protect Defendant Wallace,” court documents state.

Kubilis claims his arrest led to his being fired from MBPD and a local fire department. He has requested a jury trial.

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