Puppy in bad health leads S.C. authorities to suspected puppy mill, police say

Charleston Animal Society assisting animals pulled from the site

VIDEO: Charleston Animal Society helping animals recovered from suspected Upstate puppy mill

WARE SHOALS, S.C. (WYFF/WCSC) - The discovery that a puppy was in bad health when it was purchased led authorities Wednesday morning to a suspected puppy mill in Laurens County.

The complaint prompted police to obtain a warrant to search a home and the area around it on Indian Mound Road in Ware Shoals, according to Courtney Snow, the county’s public information officer.

As of Wednesday evening, 145 dogs were removed from the home, according to the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office. There were also 107 chickens, along with cats, ducks and rabbits. Barbara Timms, and her adult son, Barry Davis, were charged with felony animal cruelty.

Barbara Timms, Barry Davis
Barbara Timms, Barry Davis (Source: Laurens County Sheriff's Office)

“It’s pretty horrific. There’s at least 150 dogs out here, 100 or so chickens, ducks, rabbits, just a little bit of everything and so it’s been a pretty tough day,” said Dr. Kim Sanders, director and veterinarian for Anderson County Paws.

Anderson County Animal Control personnel, Anderson County Paws, as well as the Charleston Animal Society, were assisting the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office, removing the animals from the scene. Anderson County Paws removed dogs from the home.

“We’re just not gonna tolerate it,” he said Wednesday. “There’s no excuse to maintain a facility like this and abuse these animals, so if you’re gonna do it, we’re gonna see that you can pay the most penalty we can see.”

More charges are pending, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

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