104-year-old World War II veteran collecting Valentine’s Day cards

Maj. Bill White
Maj. Bill White(America, Hell Yeah Facebook page)
Updated: Jan. 14, 2020 at 4:15 AM EST
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STOCKTON, Calif. (FOX19) — A 104-year-old World War II veteran wants you to be his Valentine.

Maj. Bill White in California is asking people from all over the world to send him a card this Valentine’s Day.

He spends his days at an assisted living home in Stockton staying active and scrapbooking and is the oldest living Marine, according to the Facebook page “America, Hell Yeah."

To help, send one to him at Operation Valentine ATTN: Hold for Maj Bill White, USMC (Ret.)The Oaks at Inglewood, 6725 Inglewood Ave., Stockton, CA 95207

White enlisted with the Marine Corps in 1934 and crossed the equator on board the USS Colorado in 1936 as a “shellback," according to the Facebook page.

He was stationed at Pearl Harbor from 1936 to 1937 before being transferred to the 4th Marine Regiment in Shanghai.

When WWII started in 1942, White was assigned to Parachute School and was transferred to the 4th Parachute Battalion in Bougainville. When the paratroopers were recalled from the Pacific in 1943, he went to the Parker Ranch in Hawaii to prep for the invasion of Iwo Jima.

White arrived at Iwo Jima on February 19, 1945. On the morning of February 28, he was heading to the front lines.

He was told to relieve another Marine in a foxhole. Tapping him on the shoulder, White said, “I’m here to relieve you.”

When the man turned around, White realized that the Marine was his brother-in-law, the only brother of his wife. They only had the opportunity to say hello and then goodbye as they switched positions.

On March 3, 1945, Bill led his men to the direction of the Japanese front line, according to the Facebook page.

A salvo of rocket fire and grenades, he made his way closer to the line.

After throwing two grenades, one of the Japanese grenades hit close to White, picking him up and slamming him against the wall. After staggering back to the First Aid Station and getting patched up, they listed him as a GSW or Gun Shot Wound.

Nothing White could say changed their minds, and he was sent back to the U.S.

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