Plans for recreational complex, walking trail in the works for Darlington

Darlington looking to get new sports complex

DARLINGTON, S.C. (WMBF) - Plans are in the works for a massive recreational complex and walking trail in the city of Darlington.

Right now, the city is working to secure 113 acres of land along Harry Byrd Highway for the complex. The cost of the land is $655,000, which will be purchased through the city’s hospitality tax fund.

City council recently approved a 90-day contract with the property owners to survey the land and make sure there's no money already owed for it.

“We want to be more involved than sports,” Lee Andrews, director of Parks and Recreation, said. “We want it to be for people that aren’t athletic that just want to get out and enjoy a green space.”

Andrews said the new complex will replace the current facilities on Blue Street that were built in the 1960s.

"Bathroom facilities, ball field playing surfaces and all that stuff has been fixed and fixed and fixed and served its purpose there at Blue Street," he said.

The space is situated across from Darlington Middle School and a mile from Darlington Raceway, making it a great location for sports tourism while improving the quality of life for the citizens of Darlington County.

"When you try to pick a place to live, you think, ‘What is there to do outside my job where I’m living?’ and this is one thing that we’re going to try and add to the equation because it’s something that people love. People love to go out and be with nature,” Lisa Rock, director Planning and Economic Development, said.

The city is also working on a separate project for a walking trail system that will connect all of the recreational facilities in the city.

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