This is Carolina: Second oldest Gold’s Gym in USA becomes Iron Legacy in Myrtle Beach

This Is Carolina: Iron Legacy

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Kenny Chesney, Peyton Manning, Olympians, wrestlers, bodybuilders and everyday locals have visited one of Myrtle Beach’s few original, locally-owned gyms still in business.

It has been a hot spot for the people many of us know, and with its 80s charm, it’s no wonder why. The iconic gym minutes away from downtown has been a Gold’s Gym for 40 years, but has now had a name change.

“Did you imagine 2020, here you are?” WMBF’s Meredith Helline asked Ted and Nancy Capp.

“No!” the couple said, laughing.

The Capps bought the gym, originally a Gold’s Gym, back in 1985. They moved it to its current Jason Boulevard location in 1989.

While thousands of people have come through for a pump, the grit and character from the 80s has stayed despite the decades in business.

“I think it’s not about the gym, it’s about the people. It’s the lives we’ve touched. This is a family for us,” Ted said.

“I can’t imagine waking up in the morning and not coming in and being with my peeps. You know, they’re a huge part of us,” Nancy added.

The Capps said they met while Nancy was a waitress at the Chesapeake House. Ted frequented the restaurant while working on his physique as a bodybuilder. It wasn’t too much longer they were married.

They owned and operated their Gold’s Gym affiliate until recently.

“We were the second oldest Gold’s still live behind Venice, until three months ago,” Nancy said.

They parted ways with the affiliation and said although they were also a top retailer for the franchise, they’re excited about the new direction. With their four adult children, they came up with the new gym name: Iron Legacy.

It goes well with the amount of iron around the gym and the Capps’ background. Nancy is a nurse and Ted won Mr. South Carolina and Mr. Coastal USA bodybuilding championships in his prime.

“Just the people that we’ve had come in here in the years we’ve evolved, with relationships, I wouldn’t trade for anything," Ted said.

The Capps said the 80s is their favorite decade, and the artwork around the gym reflects it. They said it was done for them by members. They said the members are family to them, and watching people hit their goals is the sweetest part of the success.

Iron Legacy Gym is located at 951 Jason Boulevard in Myrtle Beach.

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