Residents express mixed feelings over Palmetto Pointe Blvd. extension

Mixed feelings over Palmetto Pointe Blvd extension

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) - Residents living off Palmetto Pointe Boulevard have mixed feelings about the recently-opened road extension.

The Palmetto Pointe Boulevard extension connects to S.C. 544 at the Big Block Road intersection, cutting minutes off of travel time because drivers don’t have to backtrack through the neighborhood.

Some say while it’s easier to get to S.C. 544 now that they don’t have to drive all the way back to U.S. 17 first, it’s convenience at a cost due to the extra traffic.

Residents have also raised concerns about speeding cars through the neighborhood.

“If they could put a few speed bumps before you get here, there’s no speed bumps between here and the extension,” said Ginger, who lives in the Palmetto Glen neighborhood.

The speed limit on the extension varies from 35 mph by where it connects with S.C. 544, and then down to 25 mph as drivers approach the neighborhood.

However, Horry County Fire Rescue officials said any road that extends access points to neighborhoods makes their job easier.

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