Abandoned couch becomes symbol of the season in Little River

Abandoned couch becomes symbol of the season in Little River

LITTLE RIVER, S.C. (WBMF) – Christmas carols. Christmas trees. Christmas miracles. Christmas couch?

A piece of furniture found abandoned in a vacant lot in Little River is quickly becoming a symbol of the holiday season, as residents have taken it upon themselves to adorn it with festive trinkets.

Sitting on the beige couch are a Santa, a snowman, and a penguin. There’s even a Christmas tree placed right beside it.

Resident Paul Jamar said he first noticed the couch over a week ago, all alone in a field in the area of Highway 90 and S.C. 31 in Little River.

A friend then shared with him a story of folks in Toledo, Ohio decorating a large weed with Christmas ornaments.

“We thought it would be funny how if somebody started decorating the couch. Two days later, sure enough, somebody started decorating the couch,” Jamar said. “As time went on, another day, more stuff showed up. So we added our touch to it, some stockings and garland and stuff. Since the last time I saw it two days ago, people have added some more stuff. It’s kind of interesting. Odd little tradition, but it’s kind of cool.”

That decorating continued on Tuesday, eight days before Christmas

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