South Carolina issues nearly $64 million in $50 rebates

South Carolina issues nearly $64 million in $50 rebates
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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WMBF) – More than 1.2 million $50 rebate checks have been sent to taxpayers across South Carolina.

The rebate checks were sent out after a 2018 Mega Millions winner generated $61 million in tax dollars.

The South Carolina Department of Revenue issued the checks as of Dec. 2, for a total of $63,996,750.

“It was a major team effort to get these 1.2 million checks out the door on time and on budget,” said SCDOR Director Hartley Powell. “We are grateful to our partners at the State Treasurer’s Office and SCEIS (SC Enterprise Information System) who worked countless hours with SCDOR employees to complete this enormous task.”

About 65% of the rebate checks issued have been cashed as of Dec. 3.

If you’re wondering if you qualified or if your rebate was issued, click here to check your rebate status. This tool will only be available through the end of the year.

The SCDOR has created a dedicated call center to field rebate questions. The team has assisted more than 15,600 taxpayers. They said some of those taxpayers donated their checks to teachers, schools or nonprofits.

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