This is Carolina: ‘The Wreathmaker’ decks the halls for 42 years

Booth's Christmas Tree Farm

CONWAY, S.C. (WMBF) - Like her grandpa and dad, Lauren Booth will talk trees all day. But, she’ll refer you to someone else for the wreaths.

You’ll find “The Wreathmaker’s” handy work from Conway to Wilmington, and down to the Lowcountry’s Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. Angie Brunson has been making wreaths for 42 years, so her artwork has graced a lot of doors.

Booth said her family’s Christmas tree farm is the only one across six counties where you can cut your own tree, so it’s a special farm in Horry County. It’s 40 acres with 20,000 trees growing, and she said they sell about 2,000 a year. Booth explained she’s seen the same faces show up for their tree and trimmings since she was a kid, and the Booths have become a family tradition for many generations.

Booth and her father, Haley Booth, run the farm. It was started by Haley’s father in 1962.

“It just makes me happy,” Booth said about tree farming. “It makes me be in the Christmas spirit all year long."

While both Booths are out in the tree fields and talking with customers, another family is making a masterpiece from the tree trimmings.

“We just have fun. That’s the thing about it is having fun,” Angie Brunson told WMBF News.

Brunson’s family has been working the Booth’s farm since it opened in 1962. Brunson said six of her family members are working in different areas of the farm. But, Brunson’s been working there for 42 years. She’s the only “Wreathmaker.”

She said she remembers when Lauren ran the fields as a little girl. She said Lauren’s mother taught her to make wreaths.

Brunson said she makes about 50 wreaths a day during the Booth farm’s 45 day Christmas season. That’s 2,250 wreaths a year, and if she’s kept that pace all 42 years, 94,500 of Angie’s wreaths have decorated home across the Carolinas. If she keeps that pace, she’ll reach 100,000 wreaths in three years.

For more information and directions to the Booth’s Christmas Tree Farm click here.

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