Suspect Search: One admits to breaking into cars, another fails to complete condo work

Suspect Search 11-28

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) - Police are searching for one suspect who said he was breaking into cars in search of money for food. The second suspect took money and ran before the work was complete.

Horry County police are trying to find Antonio Tyrique McGee.

Antonio Tyrique McGee
Antonio Tyrique McGee (Source: Source:Horry County Police Dept.)

Authorities responded last year to a report of a car break-in in Little River.

The victim said his handgun was stolen and was pawned two days later. The victim said earlier in the day, someone brought him his wallet that was also missing. A jar of mixed change had also been taken from his vehicle, according to the police report. The victim admits he left the doors to his car unlocked.

A month later, authorities responded to someone holding McGee to the ground in Horry County. Officers said they found many items laying next to McGee that he said did not belong to him. McGee admitted to breaking into vehicles and taking items belonging to multiple victims in the same area.

He said he was searching unlocked vehicles for money for food because he had just moved out of his mother’s home, according to the police report.

McGee is charged with second-degree domestic violence, failure to appear for breaking into motor vehicles and failure to appear for possession of a controlled substance.

He’s 21 years old and has a last known address of Atlantic Boulevard North in Myrtle Beach.

Horry County police are also looking for William Kevin Lancaster.

William Kevin Lancaster
William Kevin Lancaster (Source: Source:Horry County Police Dept.)

Earlier this year, officers responded to the Sands Beach Club at 9 Shore Drive in Myrtle Beach for a civil complaint.

The victim said she hired Lancaster to complete general contract work in her condominium. The victim said after paying Lancaster about $10,000 in cash he failed to complete the work.

The victim told officers that Lancaster has completed more than half the painting but has not finished the carpeting. He has also left unfinished carpentry work in her bathroom.

The victim said she has called him every day and he always has a reason for not working. She said she hired him in June 2018.

Officers contacted Lancaster who said he has been committed to the hospital for mental health reasons and will be released in about two days. He also said he’ll be back to work for the victim and that work should be completed in about 30 days.

He’s charged with breach of trust with fraudulent intent, $10,000 or more.

He’s 53 years old with a last known address of Grainger Circle in Green Sea.

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