25 people bond out of jail before holidays, thanks to Carolina Panthers Players Impact Committee

25 people bond out of jail before holidays, thanks to Carolina Panthers Players Impact Committee

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - More than two dozen people were reunited with their families Monday, just in time for Thanksgiving.

Each of them were behind bars for non-violent misdemeanors but could not afford to post bail until David Tepper and the Carolina Panthers donated $100,000 dollars so they could be released.

Gloria Crossoure has been in and out of jail her entire life. Most recently she was charged with drug possession. The 43-year-old won’t forget the moment she learned she was getting out thanks to the Bail Project.

“Something came over me like this might be my chance,” Crossoure said.

Kenneth King had the same reaction. He says he is stuck in a cycle of incarceration and this is the first time someone has tried to help.

“It was shocking, like they come to get me out of jail?” King said.

He was most recently charged with larceny and damaging property.

“I messed a lot of stuff up, but this time I’m gonna get it right,” he said.

Leaders of New Birth Charlotte don’t just want them out on bond, they want them out for good.

“Providing Uber, feeding, clothing, getting the interviews,” Pastor Harris said.

Richard Thompson got out just in time for his son's 9th birthday.

He’s ready to put larceny and forgery charges behind him, envisioning the holidays and beyond.

“Once I do get full custody of them they’ll have a stable home to come to,” Thompson said.

It’s a second chance that not everyone gets and now they have to make it count. Hope For Harvest provided these people with a free meal and care package full of toiletries, a VISA gift card and a weekly bus pass.

Local church New Birth Charlotte will continue to check in with them and help them stay on the path to success.

Former Carolina Panther Julius Peppers also made an appearance in support of the Panthers Players Impact Committee that is working with the Bail Project to make this all happen.

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