Group releases best travel hacks for the holidays

Group releases best travel hacks for the holidays
Myrtle Beach International Airport

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) – The holiday season is both magical and stressful, and one area that can confound that stress is travel.

Still, it doesn’t have to be that way. According to information from Consumer Affairs, there are a number of hacks to ensure your journey to grandma’s house goes smoothly. Here are a few:

Carry pre-approved toiletry containers: Investing in a set of these containers can cut down on the confusion of how much liquid the Transportation Security Administration allows.

Ditch airline food: TSA allows a number of food items to be brought onboard, including instant soup. Once seated, ask the flight attendant for hot water to pour into ramen, instant oatmeal or something else.

Carry a charge key: Instead of having to scrounge through luggage for a phone charger, keep a keyring charger in your pocket. Then, plug the USB cord into a laptop to ensure the phone’s battery life doesn’t sink to dangerously low levels.

Remember the 24-hour rule: Almost every airline lets travelers cancel a ticket within 24 hours of buying it. This is a great option for those hesitant to buy a ticket but don’t want to lose out on a spot.

Try peppermint essential oil for nerves: Nervous flyers highly recommend peppermint oil for its soothing effects.

Buy an ice scraper: Traveling by car in the chilly holiday months? Don’t head anywhere without an ice scraper.

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