Social Security Administration creates online reporting system to report scam calls

Social Security Administration scam online reporting

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) - More and more we’re seeing unknown numbers pop-up on our phones, and they’re likely a scam.

Jacquelyn Mancuso said she received a scam call about her social security not once, but twice. She said the first time she was truly frightened feeling like someone took her number and the second time she knew what to expect.

“The only reason I knew it was fraud was because I got one on my home phone, I’m gonna say five months ago, then I got the second one today on my cellphone," Mancuso said.

And the woman or recording on the other line, wasn’t so pleasant.

“She had a very nasty voice," she said. "Very firm, very nasty.”

The voice on the other line threatened to arrest Mancuso.

“They’re gonna arrest me within an hour, there’s been fraud against my account, it’s illegal and the voice, the voice just gets you,” she said.

The U.S. Social Security Administration said these scams have skyrocketed over the past year.

Some of the things Social Security will not do:

  • Call and say your number’s been suspended
  • Contact you to demand an immediate payment
  • In most cases if there’s a problem with your social security number or record they’ll send you something in the mail.

Now, the agency has created an online reporting system so if you receive a call or voicemail claiming to be the Social Security Administration, you can report it to them.

On the form, you’ll answer questions about when it happened, if you lost money, how much and how the imposter contacted you.

The SSA and the Office of the Inspector General are using the information collected from reports to check out trends.

And our local law enforcement advises you to do the same.

If you receive a call of any kind, report it to your local police department. And if you get a call, don’t pick up the phone.

“If someone is claiming their from the Social Security Administration, hang the phone up and you call them," Surfside Beach Police Dept. Captain Miller said. "But never call back any number that you’re given and/or visit your local office and I think you’ll quickly find out those are all scam calls.”

Miller also said scam calls are always evolving and if you get one, give police a call so they can also collect a paper trail to pick up on trends.

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