North Myrtle Beach rental home owner fires back at ‘nuisance’ allegations

North Myrtle Beach rental home owner fires back at ‘nuisance’ allegations
The solicitor's office wants to shut down this rental home that it calls a nuisance.

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) – One man is fighting to keep his North Myrtle Beach rental home open after officials called it a nuisance.

Back in October, the 15th Circuit Solicitor’s Office filed a petition in hopes of getting a home at 503 38th Avenue South shut down. Court documents claim the home has a reputation for violence, drugs and repeated disturbances.

The owner, Joe Rideouette, filed a response last week to the allegations and called the petition unconstitutional.

Rideouette states in the response that he doesn’t have enough information to admit or deny the allegations surrounding violence and drug use.

But he claims that the petition is unconstitutional because it violates the due process clauses of the federal and South Carolina Constitutions, “by placing the burden of proof on the property owner to show that a nuisance does not exist.”

The response goes on to state that the petition violates the 5th Amendment of the Constitution which prohibits the unlawful taking of property without the consent of the owner.

Rideouette also contends that the he is being targeted.

“Respondent believes he is being improperly targeted by law enforcement and the City of North Myrtle Beach and/or the Solicitor for the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit,” the response states.

Rideouette asks for the case to be dismissed and that any request for temporary or permanent injunction be denied.

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