Suspect Search: One victim alleges the pawning of items, violence all in the name of drugs

Nov. 21 Horry County Suspect Search

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) - One victim alleges the pawning of items and the violence is all in the name of drugs, while authorities were able to charge a second suspect despite the lack of help from the victim or surrounding neighbors.

Here are this week’s suspects.

Todd Franklin Moore
Todd Franklin Moore (Source: Source:Horry County Police Dept.)

Horry County police are trying to find Todd Franklin Moore. Last month, authorities responded to Bay Street in Myrtle Beach for a reported domestic situation.

The victim says Moore arrived at the house trying to get money from the victim for drugs.

When she denied him money, she says he hit her in the face, causing a cut on the left side of her nose. The woman was treated on the scene by Horry County EMS.

Earlier last month, police responded to Bay Street again in reference to a larceny report. The victim says Moore had taken her Bluetooth speaker from the house where they both live.

She says Moore took it to a pawn shop and pawned it without her consent, and that he has done this with other items of hers as well to support a crack-cocaine habit.

The victim said she did wish to pursue charges in this case.

Police were unable to locate Moore but did make contact with him on the phone. Moore said he did take the speaker and pawned it without the knowledge or consent of the victim.

Moore’s charged with second-degree domestic violence petit larceny and obtaining signature or property under false pretense.

He’s 55 years old and has a last known address of Bay Drive in Myrtle Beach.

Henry Lee Johnson
Henry Lee Johnson (Source: Source:Horry County Police Dept.)

Horry County police are also looking for Henry Lee Johnson.

Last month authorities responded to Rittenhouse Road in Myrtle Beach in reference to a domestic dispute. Police say the victim was upset and had visible injuries to both her face and arms.

She says the suspect, whom she would not identify, caused the injuries by hitting her and “stomping” her out. She would not provide any further information about him for fear he would kill her if she told officers what had happened.

Officers spoke with many neighbors in hopes of identifying the suspect but were unsuccessful.

Authorities say they later learned the suspect was Henry Lee Johnson. He’s charged with domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature.

He’s 68 years old with a last known address of Ranchette Circle in Myrtle Beach.

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