Newly-elected city councilman ready to bring fresh ideas to Myrtle Beach

John Krajc wins seat on Myrtle Beach City Council

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) - More than 23,000 people are registered voters in Myrtle Beach and 3,446 voted in Tuesday’s runoff elections.

Many of those who cast a ballot hope to see changes with a new face on the city council.

More than 700 people voted for John Krajc in the Jetport Two precinct, which made up nearly 27% of the runoff election votes.

Krajc said he has many new ideas for the future of Myrtle Beach and believes those ideas led to this turnout.

“I think that the citizens of The Market Common sent a message. I think that the entire south end sent a message, that they need more of a representation from around that area and they want someone that’s gonna work hard from them all four years of their cycle," Krajc said. "I think we won that yesterday because of that and I think they want those fresh ideas, they want those better managements of growth I’ve promised and here we are.”

A couple of women who live in the district said safety changes are something they’re hoping to see.

“I really think they need to paint the lines so they’ll be less accidents for people,” resident Irene Devestern said.

“I would like to see more street lights because it’s really dark,” resident Jackie Smith added.

Public safety is a high priority for Krajc. One of his main campaign issues was an increased focus on public safety, highlighting the need for more cameras and streetlights.

Some of his other ideas deal with the growth of downtown.

“Whether it’s mural, whether it’s re-landscaping the park behinds us, or doing special events, all these little things add up to a massive puzzle of really cool Myrtle Beach,” he said.

We reached out to Mayor Brenda Bethune about the changes coming to city council with a new councilman.

“Our current team has worked hard to take Myrtle Beach in a new direction and I am positive that we will continue to do so moving forward,” Bethune said.

Something council has worked on for a while is the arts and innovation district, and even though Krajc will be new, he’s excited to help with the plans.

“I want the arts and innovation district to be where the rubber meets the road," Krajc said. "Truly be innovative, truly be art-friendly, not just talk about it, about those things, and label it as that but let it show.”

Both Bethune and councilman Mike Chestnut said councilwoman Mary Jeffcoat has been a hard, dedicated worker and Chestnut also said she will be missed by the council.

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