She Thrives: Myrtle Beach woman smells sweet success with her bakery business

Updated: Nov. 20, 2019 at 5:04 PM EST
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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A Myrtle Beach woman has certainly created a name for herself as the woman with the “out-of-this-world pies.”

For nearly 10 years, Cherette Jupiter has been baking out-of-the-box pies and pastries in the Grand Strand that have her customers coming back for more.

Jupiter is the woman behind Jupiter Pies and there’s not too many festivals or food events from here to North Carolina, that haven’t heard of her creations.

“I love what I do to the fullest and I think if I didn’t have that love for doing what I do, I probably would have stopped a long time ago,” said Jupiter.

Jupiter will work 24 to 36 hours straight preparing anywhere from 200 to 350 fresh pies and pastries for an event or festival.

In 2010, Jupiter found herself in a hard place. She was unemployed and with no money the struggling mother of two needed to do something. So, she took a chance.

“I just went to my cabinets, opened up the cabinets, pulled out what was in the cabinets and made up some pies," she said.

Those sample pies were then taken to her sister’s job. Jupiter scribbled her name and number on a piece of paper, gave it to her sibling, and said her colleagues could call if they wanted more.

The calls for second helpings of Jupiter’s creations came.

“I was freaking floored, and that’s how it began,” she said.

Business took off, but Jupiter was not really sure how to run a successful bakery. She knew her product but the logistics of running a bakery was something she had to quickly figure out.

“Back then, being a woman we have to do things a little different and bark a little louder just because,” said Jupiter, whose store is located in Myrtle Beach off Highway 707.

Jupiter has always been dedicated to making sure her customers have quality pies and whatever she bakes will be affordable for all. That’s a business lesson she learned from her mother.

“My mother told me when I first started, she asked me what I am doing, what type of pies and the price, and she said, ‘Now you got to remember I’m older now, so I’m on a fixed income, so you have to think about those people like me who are on a fixed income,’" Jupiter said.

She was honored when she found herself signing paperwork for a new building. It was five years ago back in October when she opened her second Jupiter Pies location. After nearly 10 years in business, she said it’s an accomplishment that would make her mother proud.

“She would tell everybody else, ‘Look what Blossom has done, look what she’s accomplished,’ but to me I don’t think she would say anything. If anything, I would just look at her and know that’s she proud,” Jupiter said emotionally.

Her second location is off Mineola Avenue in Little River. Jupiter said she wanted to cater to her customers in that area and in North Carolina.

French Apple pie, cherry pie, sweet potato cinnamon rolls and chocolate pecan bourbon pie are just a few of the hundreds of baked goods she has created. Jupiter’s ideas have been featured in magazines alongside people like Martha Stewart.

“I can’t really explain how the brain operates with different things to create. I just know I love to create. The more that it’s out of the box, the more I’m all for it," she said.

Jupiter is passionate about what she creates and bakes, and is always grateful that her customers continue to come back. Mixed in with the sugar, the flour and the dough, her customers can taste her gratefulness.

“From the landlord to every customer who walks through my door, to every customer that walks to a booth, when I’m out and about it is just like, 'Thank you,” said Jupiter.

This may explain why her pies are so good.

“Yes, you are getting something but it’s a little more than that for me because they keep coming back, and it’s just the most fulfilling feeling, and that’s putting it lightly," she said.

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