Technical violation leads to dismissal in former HCS board member’s DUI case

Technical violation leads to dismissal in former HCS board member’s DUI case

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) – The attorney for North Myrtle Beach is revealing why the DUI case against a former Horry County Schools board member was dismissed.

Fran Humphries said it was due to a technical violation of the South Carolina DUI Statute which states that an officer must read the suspect their Miranda Rights on the scene with audio and video recording.

Humphries said neither was done during Holly Heniford’s September arrest on a DUI charge, leading to the dismissal.

Humphries also said the case was expunged from her record because any case in North Myrtle Beach that is dismissed is automatically expunged.

Meanwhile, Heniford took to social media Tuesday morning to address the cases’s outcome and her reason for resigning from the school board following her arrest.

“When I resigned from the school board, it wasn’t because of any expected outcome of the case,” Heniford wrote on her Facebook page. “I resigned because I didn’t want my situation to distract from the important work of the Board members in providing an excellent education for our children.”

The day after her DUI arrest, Heniford posted on social media that it was an “unfortunate and embarrassing situation.” She also resigned from the District 1 seat on the Horry County Schools Board, a seat that has since been filled by Wyndham Russell Freeman.

“Even with the outcome of the case, I believe that (resigning) was the proper decision at the time and I wish the Board members the best of luck going forward,” Heniford wrote Tuesday.

She added she has no current plans with regard to future public service.

“It is time for me and my family to focus on going forward personally,” Heniford posted.

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