Dying veteran thanks WMBF News for helping get stolen RV back

Updated: Nov. 19, 2019 at 6:38 PM EST
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HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) - A dying Horry County veteran is thanking WMBF News for helping get his stolen RV back in his possession.

John Wackerly’s RV was stolen last week. Horry County police tracked it down and arrested two people in connection with the theft.

After police recovered the RV, it was taken to a tow yard.

Wackerly realized the inside of the RV was trashed with items that may have been stolen, including a gun.

Wackerly said police told him he wouldn’t be able to get his RV back until after Thanksgiving because they had to catalog every item in the RV and determine what was his and what may have been stolen.

While a week and a half may not be a long time for many people, it’s a long time for Wackerly because he’s dying.

Doctors told Wackerly about a year ago that he only had 10 months to two years to live. He was diagnosed with stage four cancer.

He and his wife bought the RV to travel the country so Wackerly could take advantage of every last second he had on Earth.

“Seeing my daughter out in California and visit my friends and do everything I can, because who knows how long I’m going to be here," Wackerly said.

That’s why waiting a week and a half to get his RV back was a big deal.

After reaching out to WMBF News, he told the police he was going to be interviewed for a story about the incident.

Just hours later, he got a call from the police saying he would be getting his RV back that day.

“They probably wouldn’t have done any of that if it wasn’t for you guys,” Wackerly said of WMBF News.

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