Board partially approves plans for new Broadway at the Beach entertainment area

Board partially approves plans for new Broadway at the Beach entertainment area

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) - Myrtle Beach’s Community Appearance Board gave the green light to half of the design plans for Broadway at the Beach’s newest attraction.

But leaders said the other portion of “The Hangout” building needs some work.

“It needs more detail, I think the rest of it is so well done, this one just looks like an elephant,” one board member said.

The Community Appearance Board loved all the designs for buildings like the retail spots surrounding the centerpiece, called The Hangout.

But the developer said there’s one in Gulf Shores, Alabama, and its design is simple.

“Their concept is like the inside of the building is like a present, you open it up and it’s like that’s where all the excitement is," said Brian Wurst, a developer with LS3P.

Wurst said they’ve designed it in a way to give a happy medium.

“The building is so large that we felt, you see the Key West building in the front that if the building in the back were too decorated, it would kind of confuse that layering,” Wurst said.

But the design of The Hangout is something the board isn’t too fond of.

“This just hit me in between the eyes as just a drop-down, from above, it does not compliment anything in that area nor can it stand on its own,” chairman Larry Bragg said.

The Hangout in Alabama is known for its Hangout Music Festival, entertainment and food.

And while most of the board said The Hangout building alone needs more details, there was one board member who likes the cleaner look.

“You gotta remember that’s a 41,000 square foot building if you start embellishing that building, it’s gotta get huge and stick out like a sore thumb,” he said.

But Bragg said there’s a reason why buildings need to have distinct designs to them in Broadway.

“Everything that you put up in Broadway we use it to give people guidance who want to come back to us in the future for something you’ve designed or whatever," Bragg said.

The board approved the designs for the surrounding buildings but has pushed off approval for The Hangout itself for a later date.

The chairman said it won’t delay their construction time.

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