Myrtle Beach wants public feedback for 10-year recreation plan

Myrtle Beach wants public's input for 10-year recreation plan

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) - The ball is in your court for what you want to include in Myrtle Beach’s parks, recreation and sports tourism department’s new 10-year master plan.

“Really it’s pretty limitless... if the folks say they want a new tennis center that could be in there, if they say they want a new green space and hiking and biking trails, really it’s whatever the public brings back to us,” Director Dustin Jordan said.

The department is working with Clemson University and created a survey to ask the community about how important programs and facilities are to them and if they’re satisfied with what’s currently available.

They included questions about programs like dance classes, aquatic programs or volunteer opportunities. It also included facilities like tennis courts, libraries or trails.

For tennis player Jim Riddle, he’s no stranger to the tennis courts.

“We’ve evolved into what we call ‘the crazy old tennis group,’" Riddle said. "There’s all of us seniors and we play when it’s cold, we play when it’s windy, we play all the time.”

And there’s one thing on his mind for what he’d like included in the master plan.

“I would like to see the opportunities for tennis to expand, it’s a great sport, a lot of people love it,” he said.

The office assistant for Myrtle Beach Tennis Center, Graham Howe, said it’s all about getting people outside.

"It’s all about being outdoors, enjoying the sunshine that we have here in wonderful Myrtle Beach and just staying active, that’s the big thing,” Howe said.

Howe also said he believes bringing a new tennis facility would add to tourism by attracting people to visit our area longer than just for a tournament.

The survey deadline is December 1 so you have until then to make your voice heard.

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