This is Carolina: Family carries on beloved father’s election tradition

Poll working a family affair

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) - His family said he loved a lot of things. He loved his ‘girls,’ cruises and Clemson. But he especially loved Election Day.

Before he died in May, Benni Moskovic made sure his favorite tradition was passed down. For the first time since his death, his family honored him in his favorite way.

Benni’s son, Toby, said his father always had a passion for service. Whether it was volunteering or coaching his kid’s sports teams for the Special Olympics, he was there. But his favorite service was working the election polls.

“He’d crack a joke with you, see how you’re doing, tell you thank you for coming and then he always made sure you had your ‘I voted’ sticker when you walk out the door,” Toby said of his father.

Benni worked the polls for over a decade at Horry County’s Garden City-Murrells Inlet Fire District firehouse.

“He would get me up at 4 o’clock. He was that excited to come up here. He had his rituals. We’d go to McDonald’s and get him a senior coffee, chit chat with the guys up there about what he’s doing and what the votes are doing and then we would come up here and he’d go into his character, Mr. Benni, the voting, waving man,” Toby laughed.

Benni didn’t just work the polls. He recruited at least seven family members to poll work, too.

His daughter-in-law, Angela, said she’ll continue to work the polls to honor her father-in-law.

“It’s definitely become very important to vote without a doubt. But now it’s got a whole new meaning because of family, because of Benni. Now it’s more about carrying on what he enjoyed doing for me. Still vote without a doubt, but his memory is definitely what’s going to keep me coming out every year," Angela said.

They said some family members who usually work as poll workers, decided it was too tough to work this first election without Benni. But Angela and Toby did it for him and said they knew he was with them on this rainy Election Day.

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