Florence County school district holds anti-bullying event

Florence County school district holds anti-bullying event

LAKE CITY, S.C. (WMBF) - Florence County School District Three held a community bullying prevention forum in recognition of National Bullying Prevention Month.

Monday night, dozens of students and parents attended the program at Main Street Elementary School.

The theme was “Do The Right Thing" by speaking out about bullying.

"A lot of them are afraid to say something because of the peer pressure,” Superintendent Laura Hickson said.

According to stopbullying.gov, 70% of young people said they’ve seen bullying in their schools and 30% admit to bullying others.

“These kids are finding ways to bully other kids that are new, that teachers that’s been teaching for 30 years don’t even know about,” guest speaker Isaac Wilson said.

Some students like fourth grader Xy’lan Morris admitted it’s an ongoing problem for him.

"Sometimes I get pushed. One time I actually got kicked,” he said. “It made me feel mad, not wanting to come to school.”

"He's my baby and you never want your kids to go through anything and you know you can't walk with them every day,” Lakisha Barron, Xy’lan’s mother, said.

However, Barron said she's proud her son and other kids like Everianna Frison for speaking up.

"It was a lot of hating going on for me and I think that with me telling my feelings, it's what makes me feel better," Frison said.

Wilson said it's important for parents to get involved and pay attention to their kids' behavior.

However, he said teachers also have a role to play when comes to students being comfortable enough to open up.

"Somewhere along the line the schools have kind of lost that and we need to get that back so kids can trust them sincerely," Wilson said.

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