Student Spotlight: Socastee Elementary fourth grader wants to see 'everyone happy instead of sad’

Socastee Elementary fourth grader wants to see 'everyone happy instead of sad’

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) - The start of another school week means an outstanding student across the area is being showcased.

Nominated by her principal for making good choices, being a leader at school and earning strong good grades, the spotlight is on Socastee Elementary School fourth grader Kanniah Ford, who describes herself as “kind, independent, strong, and a good loving person.”

Ford also believes in doing her part to stand up against bullying, noting that children who are victims of bullying will carry those scars as they grow up.

"It’s very frustrating for me because I want to see everyone happy instead of sad,” she said.

As for what she likes most about Socastee Elementary, Ford said it’s learning and seeing her teachers happy and proud of her.

When it comes to her favorite subject, Ford is a fan of math.

“Math is not the easiest when you’re growing up, but math when you get used to it is actually pretty fun because you get to multiply, divide, you get to add, you get to minus, all this crazy stuff," she said. "You never knew that when you were younger that you now know that you’re older.”

As to her ambitions when for when she gets older, Ford fancies herself a photographer.

"My mom and my dad have a catering business and my mom is a teacher, but I thought about doing it because I can take pictures of people and make people happy and do weddings,” she said.

Ford added she also loves to run and was chosen as the outstanding physical education student in her grade for her athletic abilities.

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