Horry Electric Cooperative provides statistics on damage done after Hurricane Dorian

Horry Electric Coop provides statistics on damage done after Hurricane Dorian

CONWAY, S.C. (WMBF) - The Horry Electric Cooperative provided statistics on damage done after Hurricane Dorian during a meeting Monday morning.

County leaders in the field of emergency management gathered at Horry Electric’s headquarters in Conway for a discussion on emergency management.

Horry Electric supervisor Engineer Kevin Jordan broke down statistics on what the company experienced after Hurricane Dorian. Out of 81,000 meters, 22,000 lost power. That’s 10,000 less than in Hurricane Florence.

Four out of 24 substations lost transmission. As far as equipment, 13 poles were broken and two transformers were damaged.

The numbers overall are much less than what the company experienced in 2016 after Hurricane Matthew and in 2018 after Florence.

“We felt like, going in, that it was going to be something very similar to what Florence was two years prior, but we ended up catching a major break there and did not have the significant damage that we had during Florence,” Jordan said.

Jordan added that it’s important to remember Dorian and Florence were only Category 1 storms when they hit the Grand Strand.

"None of these storms have been major,” he said. “They’ve been Category ones, and we’ve still seen significant damage from that. A three or a four would be widespread damage, and it may take months to recover from.”

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