Report: Dozens of cars damaged at The Market Common

Report: Dozens of cars damaged at The Market Common

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) – Police responded to The Market Common early Wednesday morning after reports came in that dozens of cars sustained damage.

According to a report from the Myrtle Beach Police Department, officers were called around 1:30 a.m. to 1170 Farrow Parkway for property damage to vehicles.

Officers who went to that address – a parking garage – found that approximately 32 vehicles had been damaged or vandalized, the report stated. Most of them had damage to their side mirrors, according to police.

The report stated that the suspect appeared to have used “some sort of object to inflict damage on the vehicles.”

“There was metal and glass everywhere," said Jody Herndon, whose vehicle was damaged. “Very few cars were left unscathed. Windshields were broken, windows were broken, cars were dented, a lot of mirrors.”

And Herndon's mirrors were knocked off too.

While she doesn’t believe the person or people doing this act were trying to steal, the thought of doing it, leaves her feeling uneasy.

“And when you think about the kind of person or people that would do that, that makes you feel very unsafe," she said.

Both Herndon and her daughter, along with many other people, have insurance claims to file.

“The headaches that follow," she said. "Because we’re gonna have to follow up with the insurance and the police and it’s going to cost all of us. We all have to fork over the deductible.”

Her daughter, Sienna Herndon, said this isn’t the first time her car’s been hit in The Market Common parking garage.

“The car that I’m in now has a significant dent on the back of it and a crushed taillight that I still haven’t been able to get fixed yet from the last time I was hit in there,” Sienna said.

Heather Gray, the general manager of The Market Common, sent WMBF News a statement on the damaged vehicles:

“It is very disheartening to believe that someone would destroy someone else’s property for no other reason than to be destructive. We are committed to working with the City of Myrtle Beach and the Myrtle Beach Police Department in tracking down who may have committed these crimes.”

As for the residents, they believe there’s one thing the city needs to do for these parking garages.

“The damage really emphasizes that we’ve got to put security cameras in this building," Jody Herndon said.

A city spokesman said they have adding cameras on their list and will use funding from the Tax Increment Financing project to do so.

Myrtle Beach police ask if you know anything, give them a call.

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