Restaurant Scorecard: Live roaches, flies and dead bugs at doughnut shop; Italian eatery gets perfect score

Live roaches, flies and dead bugs at doughnut shop

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Live roaches, flies and dead bugs. Plus mildew and build-up on the Coolatta machine.

And when you’re there, you’re family and chances are the environment will be perfect.

We begin this week’s Restaurant Scorecard with Dunkin Donuts at 301 S. Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach. Inspectors say there was build-up on the Coolatta machine where the beverage is blended.

Inspectors also found the deflector plate in the ice machine with a build-up of mildew, while ready-to-eat foods that are held for 24 hours were seen without prepped or discard dates. Residential bug spray was found in the facility.

Squeeze bottles of fillings, sauces and toppings were observed without labels of a common name. A fly strip was seen hanging beside the prep table and behind a mixer, while drain flies were spotted throughout the facility. They were more concentrated around the blended drink area and in the doughnut production area.

Dead bugs were seen under the three compartment sink in the prep-storage area. Dead bugs were also found in the door of the upright reach-in freezer in the prep-storage area.

A knife was observed on a rolling cart under a wet and soiled towel. A spoon for hot chocolate mix was found with the handle stored down in the product, while spoons for hot beverages were stored in standing water at 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Improper holding temperatures were found and the ice cream freezer had a cracked plastic lid that was pieced together by brackets.

Mildew was found along the caulking around the three-compartment sink in the prep area. Mildew and build-up were observed along the walls in the mop washing area. There was build-up on the walk-in cooler floor, along with wet, soiled torn cardboard. Floors, especially under shelving and equipment, were covered with debris and build-up.

Inspectors gave Dunkin Donuts a 71 out of 100.

Next up is Surfside Jenny’s at 1013 Glenns Bay Road in Surfside Beach. Inspectors found no paper towels at the wait staff hand sink and the slicer had food accumulation build-up. Food containers in storage were seen with a build-up of grease and food accumulation.

Live roaches were spotted in the unused cooler unit and rusted shelving was found in the walk-in cooler.

The counter under the grill had heavy grease accumulation and shelving was found with an accumulation of food debris.

Unused and broken equipment was seen throughout the facility.

Inspectors gave Surfside Jenny’s an 88 out of 100.

One perfect score this week went to Olive Garden at 4701 U.S. 17 in North Myrtle Beach. Congratulations to you.

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