Proposed ordinance will allow residents in special flood zones to elevate homes

Horry County ordinance will allow residents in special flood zones to elevate homes

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) - Many in Horry County have had to deal with flooding in recent years and county leaders are looking at a change to help protect homes.

Living on the river is a dream come true for many, but it may not be when the water comes too close.

One family who lost a lot in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence hopes that raising their home will help prevent future damage.

“The water came up, over my head, our basement still got destroyed, we’re in the process of rebuilding,” said resident Alex Wellman who is in a flood risk area.

Wellman and his family had moved into their home along the Waccamaw River a little over a month before Hurricane Florence, never imagining how bad the damage would be from one storm.

“It was difficult, it’s still difficult. We don’t have enough rooms for everybody in the family,” he said. “If we were three feet higher than where we were then nothing would have gotten wet.”

And soon they may be.

County leaders want to help people keep their homes out of harm’s way.

A proposed ordinance would allow existing buildings that meet certain zoning requirements to be elevated by three feet for flood protection.

Wellman said raising their home may be their only option.

“Oh yeah, we are definitely raising our home," he said. "That’s like one of our main things, if we weren’t allowed to raise the home, my mom and I decided we were going to move. So that’s a big determining factor.”

Wellman and his family are thankful the water didn’t go up to the second floor and as they continue to rebuild, raising their home is a top priority.

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